Welcome to Peoria

Celebrating the Life of Ronald Paul Kelly, Sr.

4:00p, Jan. 29 at the Peoria SDA Church

Welcome to our church! We look forward to worshipping and visiting with you. Here is some information that should better help you plan your day. If you have any questions, just hit "Let's Chat!" in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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Live and Online


Flower Arrangement

Celebration of Life

Live and Online


Fresh Vegetable Salad




Avocado Sandwich



5:00 - 6:30

Where can I find the livestream?

Both worship and the celebration of life can be found on the "Peoria Adventists" Facebook and YouTube pages.

What about my dietary restrictions?

We have gluten-free and vegan options, but you are welcome to bring any food items which meet your dietary needs.

Do I need to bring food for lunch?

Dinner has already been organized, but you are welcome to bring a dish for lunch. We will be having haystacks and are confident that there will be enough for everyone.

What's there to do in Peoria?

Good question. We have a wonderful Riverfront Museum. For restaurants, we recommend Hacienda el Mirador, Brienzo's Pizza, and One World Cafe.

What about COVID?

The Peoria Seventh-day Adventist Church does NOT require masks within the building regardless of vaccination status. We do encourage everyone to use common sense and to avoid unnecessary exposure. If you feel unwell or were recently exposed to someone with COVID, we encourage you to make the choice to mask up or watch online. If you are COVID-positive, we do require that you not enter our church building.